Take a Break From Tech: The Benefits of Doing a Digital Detox

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benefits of doing a digital detox

Can we imagine our lives without technology?

Given the circumstances, the answer is clearly NO, especially nowadays. In the modern era or how we like to call it “the digital era”, we spend more hours on our high-tech devices than doing other things that are way more productive.

In this digital era, we do everything on our devices including online shopping, watching movies and social media stalking. The growth of technology is a progressing track for humans to become mindless robots, entirely dysfunctional without their modern gadgets.

The primary purpose of technology was to serve humanity, but also it can do damage. Because of that damage, more health experts are recommending periodical so-called digital detox or in other words, an extended period without gadgets.

Most of the studies show that a digital detox, or a period of time when a person is abstaining from the use of an electronic device, has proven to have a positive impact on productivity, relationships, physical and mental health. Sometimes if you feel overly stressed or unproductive, maybe it is time to unplug.

[blockquote align=”none” author=” Anne Lammott ” ] “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” [/blockquote]

For this cause, we compiled a list of the best health benefits of digital detox. The list includes ideas to make you think, to motivate and challenge you whenever you decide to switch off.

But first of all, you need to follow some useful steps on how to do a digital detox to realize the health benefits of that process.

How to do a digital detox

Here are some useful steps of how to do a digital detox and start to regain control of your time and attention.

Focus on one thing at a time

To avoid any failing at your first digital detox, try and focus on one thing. For example, this could be leaving your phone at home on a day out or checking your notifications once a day coming from any social media.

When you have achieved this, focus on another thing and then do them both next time.

Tell people about your social media vacation

If you are worried about how people can get in touch with you, let them know how long you will be without your computer or smartphone, meaning without social media. Social media can be toxic when you are trying to have a nice vacation.

This can help you be more relaxed and focus only on yourself.

Log out of all social media accounts

It can be so much harder when your phone is sending you notifications from your applications, and that’s why you need to log out of the social networks. If the phone is beeping and vibrating constantly, it may cause temptation for you to check it.

Go to places where smartphones are not allowed

These kinds of places really exist. For example, you can start practicing something like yoga or meditation where you can also focus on some excellent self-care.

Try something new

Take the time you have and try something new. For example, go out and help someone, volunteer somewhere, or just spend this new time resting.

Applying these helpful and effective steps can result in increasing your well-being and experiencing the benefits of doing a digital detox.

Benefits of doing a digital detox

These are the most common health benefits while doing a digital detox and how the break from technology can make your life better.

1. More restful sleep

Turning off our devices, especially before going to bed can lead to more restful sleep and improve our mental health. Numerous studies have found that the light that digital devices have stimulates our brain with the possibility of producing melatonin, the hormone associated with sleep, making it more difficult for us to fall asleep.

2. Increase your energy

It’s well known that our phones and computers can make you less productive because it detracts our attention from current tasks. That’s why taking time from technology can increase your energy and creativity.

3. Connect with the real world

Spend more time with your family and close friends. This kind of quality time is very beneficial to our mental well-being. Whenever we are not staring at a screen, we automatically became more present, building up more relationships and fully connecting with our surroundings.

4. Increased amount of physical awareness

Digital devices are not good for posture. Nowadays more people are complaining of back and neck pain because of leaning towards a screen or weirdly positioning their neck. In your spare time without gadgets, you can do some exercise like yoga or meditation that is very good for your physical health.

5. Improve eating habits

Social media can promote unhealthy eating. Researches claim that viewing delicious food on social media can force you to eat (or even overeat) the desired food. Sometimes it’s better to unfollow the accounts that are associated with food or avoid scrolling through your phone when hunger hits you. It’s important to eat what your body needs.

6. Reduce stress itself

Switching your devices can reduce the stress itself. After a while, you will feel a significantly higher level of life satisfaction, less lonely and anxious. By doing the digital detox, after some time, you should notice a reduction in your stress levels.

Final thoughts

We all know that it is hard to change our digital habits.

While there is no doubt that technology has made our life easier in many ways, but at the same time, it has stuck us into an addiction.

Escaping tech as much as we can or trying filtering its usage makes us realize that we have more free time than we think. That time spent away from the screen will leave us re-energized and in touch with the real world.

That is probably the most significant benefit of doing a digital detox: It helps us take more control of our life and focus on what brings joy in the physical world — whatever that may be.

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