20 Amazing Animated Movie Soundtracks of All Time

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best animated movie soundtracks

There is no doubt that soundtracks play an important role in every film. Music plays a key role in setting the mood for a movie and can even make or break a scene. A soundtrack is often what people remember most about a movie.

Animated movies often have songs that are sung by professional singers (Land Del Ray for ex.), because movie soundtrack with vocals make cartoons feel more realistic, as well as more emotional.

What are animated movie soundtracks?

As the name implies, animated film soundtracks are the music accompanying animated films.

An animated soundtrack can be an original song composed by the director or composer of the film, or it can be taken from an outside source. Many famous cartoons feature songs from world-famous bands, making the viewing experience more engaging and enjoyable. 

The animated movie soundtracks are often played in the background of the movie to add excitement or evoke a specific emotion. Thus, film music is most often played while action, drama, or comedy scenes take place. Music in animated movies accompanies the visual elements, making everything we see and listen to enchanted and more real. 

Since Disney and Pixar use music so heavily in their cartoons, many of their characters sing as part of the show. We all remember Show White’s angelic voice voiced by Adriana Caselotti or Elsa’s powerful singing performed by Idina Menzel. In fact, most of the time we associate these fantastic and magical masterpieces with the music they feature. 

Animated movies can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Along with this, animated movie soundtracks have grown to include a variety of genres and styles.

Whether you prefer jamming on fast-paced music or taking a trip down memory lane with some of the most famous classics composed by musical virtuosos such as George Bruns, our list has something for everyone.

Let’s discover some well-known and authentic soundtracks of the most famous animated movies. 

20 best-animated movie soundtracks of all time

1. The Lion King: “Circle of Life”

2. How to Train Your Dragon: “Test Drive”

3. Up: “Married Life”

4. Frozen: “Let it go”

5. Moana: “How Far I’ll Go”

6. Finding Dory: “Lost at Sea”

7. Hotel Transylvania 1: “Sexy and I Know It”

8. Soul: “Epiphany” 

9. Inside out: “Bundle of Joy”

10. The Little Prince: “Preparation”

11. Tarzan: “Two Worlds”

12. Shrek: “I am a believer”

13. Toy Story: “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”

14. Despicable Me: “Despicable me”

15. Madagascar: “I like to move it”

16. Beauty and the Beast: “Prologue: Beauty and The Beast”

17. Kung Fu Panda- “Oogway Ascends”

18. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs: “I am Wishing” 

19. Tangled: “When Will My Life Begin”

20 Monsters Inc. : “If I Didn’t Have You”

Over to You

Cartoons are loved by people of all ages. They are entertaining, and educational and can stir emotions in all of us. But in addition to the story, music is also an essential part of the fantastic experience.

Music gives a new dimension to the story itself, instills emotion, and makes watching cartoons memorable and exciting.
Many cartoons, in fact, are known for their music and are often found on the playlists of many music lovers.

In our list, you can find music for everyone’s taste, from fun and playful to classical and calm. Don’t wait to play the fantastic tunes and let them take you on a magical journey.

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