8 Tips to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Let’s face it: every one of us is in some comfort zone, whether it is the work, the life after work, or no work at all.

At the same time, almost every one of us is planning to change this way of things are functioning because life is getting boring. We often lie ourselves and say: Okay, one day I should change this and start doing that!

Yeah… ONE DAY 🙂

Usually, that day never comes.

Making yourself do something that you don’t want to do is always hard. But it’s not impossible. You can make it a bit easier when you remind yourself that pushing your boundaries will ultimately bring you great happiness.

1. Motivate yourself

This is probably the hardest part.

To start anything new, you need to find motivation first. Motivation is the enabler of any new activity, a new move or new decision in your life. The right attitude can power self-motivation. You can’t control or pick your given circumstance, but you can choose and often change your attitude towards your circumstances.

It would be best if you start small, decide what can fulfill you in the long run and start accomplishing yourself towards that. Be in a company with positive and motivated people. They will help you and share some advice to grow and overcome tough times.

In the end, know yourself and pick the right way to stay on track. This will give you a boost and keep your progress rising to the point of being a superstar.

2. Read a book

One of the easiest ways to start something and have a positive impact on you is to start reading a book. The greatest thing about it is that we can literally become another person or the person we would like to be for an extended amount of time. Reading will give you access to diverse knowledge and expose you to new ideas and modes of thinking.

In another way, you are plugging your brain “off” and escaping the comfort zone for a moment. More moments like those can lift you and open a new dimension of your mind.

3. Educate yourself

Today, it is easy to educate yourself and learn a new skill. There are many online courses and information about what do you want to learn in the area you are interested in. With the internet today, there are endless possibilities to educate yourself.

Probably the best thing out of this is that you can gain a certificate or a diploma, which can be for informal education and many companies recognize most of them.

Unlocking new fields in your area of work can broaden your horizons. You can also combine courses from related areas and make a winning combination.

You only need to be on-trend and follow the new job positions that are rising in the world.

4. Learn something new

If educating yourself seems hard and takes too much effort and time, you need to create a habit first. The practice of learning something new can help you learn and perceive harder towards useful things.

To occupy your time and accept a new challenge, these are the best options to start learning something new:

  • Foreign language
  • Playing an instrument
  • Photographing
  • Get a hobby

After you develop a habit and accomplish some of these skills, you can redirect yourself to learning new professional skills and tools that will elevate your professional career.

5. Make new friends and connections

We live in a digital world, so you need to update your social media profiles. It is sad, but on the first look, most people judge a person by their Facebook or Instagram profile.

Start visiting small events, which are in the professional area you are interested in or connected to the new skills you are learning.

Become a member of related communities and social media groups where you can share opinions and interact with new people.

However, you need to be aware of the difference between social media friends and real-life friends.

6. Start exercising

Your physical health has a significant influence on your mental health.

Developing habits like eating healthy food and doing some small exercises in the morning or after lunch can improve your inner spirit and mind.

Cycling, hiking, running and swimming, just pick one or more of them.

Since today’s work is mostly based on a desk in front of a PC, doing exercises is crucial for our health.

7. Start working freelance on something outside your regular work

After you learn and develop new skills, you can start working on small projects from home. This will open new opportunities and working experience that can land you a new job or start your own business in the coming days.

You need to strive to avoid the comfort zone and the 9-5 working habits. It feels like a trap. When working freelance or remote, you can plan your time and processes. The best thing is that you are not dependent on other people in your organization.

You are responsible for your own decisions and the effort you put.

8. Travel more

When you open that curiosity for the first time and narrow your view of the world, you will become hungry for more traveling.

Traveling is the ultimate way to experience something new, something unknown.

But taking vacation travel (from work) is not the same as exploring some new city, new continent.

Often with your comfort zone and daily work routines, you don’t have the time to travel a lot. If you decide to go fully remote and become a digital nomad, you can experience work and pleasure at any of the travel locations you pick.

Do things that move you forward in life

In all the things, we mentioned you could find something you LOVE for sure.

Beware of how you use social media and how you spend time on the internet. Here is a list of cheap things to do instead of spending time on social media and the internet.

Embrace it, start working on it, and make it your life goal. Be flexible and do everything without depending on others.

Life is too short to spend time on things that don’t move you forward.

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