How Does Technology Help Us in Our Daily Lives?

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Every day, technology plays a part in our lives.

We utilize technology to accomplish various tasks like shopping, working, studying, getting informed, having fun, and hanging out.

A growing number of digital platforms, applications, and “smart” devices are being developed to help us live better and open up new opportunities.  Artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality are just some of the latest innovations of the digital era that are created to improve our quality of life.

The global machine learning market is expected to reach $20.83 billion in 2024. 


In today’s world, living without digital technology is unthinkable since it occupies such a large portion of our daily routines.

Hence, in this blog post, we will discuss how technology helps us live easier and more convenient daily lives.

Technology plays an essential role in making communication more accessible and more efficient

Whether we are communicating with our friends or holding a meeting, technology greatly simplifies our daily communication by breaking down the communication barriers caused by distance.

Almost anybody can communicate with anyone privately and for a meager price.

Messaging apps

Nowadays, anyone can talk easily and quickly thanks to the development of digital communication apps.

Using just a few clicks, people can use video chat and connect with overseas friends and relatives without paying staggeringly high phone bills or crazy expensive plane tickets.

Every day, companies strive to improve these applications to send a wide range of different types of content through them and not just communicate with them.

Modern messaging apps allow users to send files in different formats to be used in professional settings as well.

It is evident that with the help of technology, all physical barriers to communication are broken down. Still, it also serves to replace older and more complicated machines that are used to send various types of documents.

Social media networks

Social media platforms have a massive impact on how we communicate in everyday life.

Not only has social media made the world smaller and people who are physically miles apart closer, but it has also made it easier for us to meet new people using our mobile devices. 

Before the advent of social media, communication was almost entirely limited to people we knew personally. But now we can contact people we’ve never met and may never meet.

In addition, social media is a form of communication through which we can broadcast a message to a large audience.

The only thing we have to do is type in what we want to say and share it publicly. In a short time, our message can reach thousands of users without contacting mainstream media.

Encrypted communication

Communication that takes place through digital tools must first and foremost be secure and private.

Due to encryption, many communication applications are secure, meaning that what is written between the parties remains private.

Encryption is essential in the conversations through these communication tools to protect specific sensitive data.

Through these applications, encryption protects communication to converse freely and without fear.

New self-employment opportunities

The advancements in technology have opened up many career opportunities.

People can now work for foreign companies from their homelands, and many new modern professions are emerging. Still, most importantly, people can now work for themselves, which requires only a laptop, a mobile phone, and a stable internet connection.

Digital professions

Thanks to technology, new professions were born, but also many of the existing jobs were digitally transformed.

What used to require physical location can now be done remotely via a laptop and for much less money.

A typical example is online stores that today do not need a physical location or even a website because they can function effectively using only a profile on one of the social networks.

Thus people no longer have to search for work with other employers. Instead, they can start their own business very easily and quickly.

Additionally, we are witnessing the rapid emergence of professions that are solely based on digital skills and can be performed from any location at any time.

Today, so many generations prefer to work as freelancers to work flexibly from their homeland for a foreign company instead of working full time trapped in one place.


Influencers are one of the professions of modern times.

People who have a large following on social media are often considered influencers, i.e., authoritative people often hired by businesses who wish to reach relevant audiences.

The availability of mobile technology and social media has allowed many influencers to work for themselves and provide a solid existence solely by posting content on these platforms.

Efficient education

E-learning has become increasingly popular because it is flexible and often cheaper than classes with physical attendance.

People can manage their time and choose when and where they would like to listen to a specific online lecture without the need to travel to a particular place.

With the advancement of technology, educational opportunities are becoming more and more accessible to people with different learning disabilities.

Online courses 

Online classes are another product of modern technology.

Anyone with some knowledge about a specific topic and a desire to share it can do so by recording it on their camera phone. A course can then be attached to multiple platforms and be made available to a wide range of people interested in a specific topic.

Udemy is one example of such a platform, which is becoming increasingly popular with people who want to learn new skills.

Students can choose from a wide range of courses taught by accomplished and successful lecturers, and they can access them whenever they like and however often they want.

Apps for students with learning disabilities

Thanks to technology, education becomes more accessible and easy for students with different learning disabilities.

Many applications make learning easier and more fun for children with various problems such as dyscalculia or dyslexia.

Such applications are specifically designed to make learning easier for students with learning disabilities to don’t fall behind on schoolwork.

Smart electronic devices

Technology affects the way we learn and follow the lectures inside the classroom.

The use of technology in schools makes learning more enjoyable and makes it easier for students of all ages to master classroom material.

Projectors and smartboards are just a few examples of electronic devices that make it easier to follow classroom lectures.

The projector is not a new invention, but it allows everyone in the classroom to see clearly what is being taught by projecting a large image onto any surface. 

Computers, tablets, and cell phones themselves have significantly contributed to more efficient and practical learning.

Dating and meeting people

The positive effects of technology can also be seen in the way people get to know their potential life companions.

Thanks to dating apps, people can choose a potential partner in a more flexible way than ever before.

Particularly for shy people or those who do not like socializing much, these applications are excellent for meeting new people. All they have to do is upload a few photos and start sliding left or right if they want to start a conversation with someone.

Using these applications allows people to start a conversation with someone at any time without leaving their homes.

Accessible information

Information is all around us thanks to the Internet and technology.

Not only does the world wide web give us access to legitimate scientific papers, but it also gives us easy access to the diverse opinions and experiences of many users.

Examples are forums, social media groups and pages, and many websites that specialize in specific topics where people freely share their experiences on a particular subject.

All users need to do to answer their question is type it into Google or find a location using Google Maps.

In a few seconds, thousands of articles on that topic will be served in front of them. You can even Google yourself to find out what information exists online about you.

The unique thing about information in today’s modern world is that it reaches you even if you aren’t looking for it.


The impact technology has made on the way we shop is genuinely extraordinary. 

Everything we need from products and services is available online.

Social networks provide a free virtual space for opening an online store. The vast majority of the fan pages we see on Facebook and Instagram are online stores that use these platforms free of charge to sell a wide range of products and services.

This means that people do not have to open websites, rent a physical location, or register a company. They have to create a profile on one of the social networks, use the advertising options to attract customers, and solely work on their reputation.

As well, many delivery companies now offer a digitized version of their services such as contactless delivery, online payment or payment with a credit card, and even drone delivery.

Money transfer 

Another area where technological advancements have introduced flexibility is how we transfer money from one account to another, pay bills, and even save money.

Technology has enabled online banking to reduce the waiting significantly in long lines at the bank and the hustle and bustle.

When it comes to technology and money, we must mention cryptocurrencies, which are still a new and unknown technology to many, but whose popularity is growing by the day.

Health tracking

Medical services are another example of services being rapidly digitized.

An example would be opening online pharmacies, where people can order medicine online and have it delivered to their homes.

In addition, new technology has also contributed to the development of many innovative applications that can track and measure various body functions, such as heart rate and blood pressure.


One of the reasons we are so addicted to the online world is because of the fun it gives us.

You can find tons of free entertainment online. Starting with books in pdf format that you can download for free on your pc, music platforms, group and individual gameplays, and streaming services where you can watch the latest and greatest movies and shows.

Social networks are also a source of entertainment when you do not know what to do with your time.

Technology in times of crisis

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we all realized the power of technology.

During times of crisis, advanced technology and the Internet were our safest means for getting all the basics we needed, from groceries to entertainment services.

Aside from e-commerce platforms, people also used video calls to protect themselves and each other.

When physical distance was necessary, technology saved jobs and allowed people to procure essential goods, have fun, and build relationships.


Since technology allows us to perform our time-consuming tasks wherever and whenever we want, it will always be a tool we can rely on.

As new technologies continue to advance, we can also say that they will change our habits dramatically, making our everyday lives easier and better.

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