15 Ways to Invest in Yourself: Change Your Life Immediately

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What have you done well for yourself lately?

Have you felt any progress and satisfaction of the way you accomplish tasks and does it move you forward or makes you feel stuck?

Many things like smartphones and social media, take a precious part of your time and distract you to focus on yourself.

Definitely, this needs to change. If you just stop and wonder how you spend your time during the week, you will definitely want to reconsider and find a way to use it more effectively.

[blockquote align=”none”] If you want to do this better – you will need to do something better for yourself. [/blockquote]

Now, the question is how to start investing in yourself?

Let’s go through the process. Moreover, below is a list of points, each focused on investing in you. You need to start applying them in your way of living.

1. Time management

Efficiently managing time can be an ability that many desire but few possess. As long as you are organized first, you can efficiently manage your time. Without organization, tracking your daily tasks can be difficult and it stops you in accomplishing your long-term goals.

Therefore, you have to set clear goals, prioritize the most important ones, handle the interruptions and distractions and avoid procrastination – which is considered as the silent killer of our goals.

This process takes time and dedication and it can’t be done immediately. Do it progressively and try some mobile apps that can help you in the start.

2. Make a daily routine

Before anything, you need to create a daily routine that will help you reshape your life. Make a list of possible activities on a weekly basis. After that, just cut down the unnecessary things and prioritize your goals.

Start with small exercises and healthy habits. Eating a healthy meal or drinking fresh juice can give you a boost. Doing some stretching and small exercises can be a good start, but going swimming or taking a run would be a bigger boost.

3. Think positive

Everybody is having difficulties – mind to think on the positive side. We cannot control life, but we need to have a positive approach to the things we anticipate.

If you keep thinking about the past and the mistakes you made, then you can’t go forward. So, turn failure into lessons, focus on good things, however small, focus on the present and dream for the future.

4. Stay informed

Filter the way you consume social media and how you are using it. Make it beneficial for you. There is a lot of content on the internet, mostly fake, viral, often unnecessary, where all brands are fighting to steal seconds of your time.

Watch less TV, read e-books, listen to podcasts and evolve every day. Learn which sources, brands and influencers to follow to stay updated.

5. Learn a new skill or take a course to upgrade yourself

Start reading many books in a particular area. That may open new horizons and come across new things. You can also get an online course in the area you want to upgrade yourself.

There are many affordable online courses and online books that can teach you up-to-date skills and show the shortcuts of success. On a daily basis, read relevant blog posts with tips and tricks that can help you be more effective and productive while working.

6. Learn new languages

Speaking a new language can make you a ton of new friends, opening opportunities for networking and getting new connections.

It can make you more valuable in the marketplace

When learning a new language, your brain cells will step up their game, enhancing your listening skills and improving your memory. This extra brainpower will also help you make better decisions faster.

7. Filter what you consume on the internet

Less social networks: Social networks can be considered as a distraction. It would be very beneficial if you can avoid any social networks and reduce daily usage progressively or use it for quality time.

Use social media networks in your power. There is no need to follow everybody and try to catch up with everything. It is time-consuming.

Follow relevant pages within your working area or relax and inspire yourself by watching nice photos and videos. There is a lot of fake happiness on social media but there is also a lot of creativity and inspiration but you need to learn how to find it and filter the rest.

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8. Choose your friends wisely

Your friend circle will be your pillar of life. If you can and cut down the lousy friend’s influence, then it will be a good investment for you in the future.

Another piece of advice is to cut down the toxic people around you that are dragging you down. Find people that should use as mentors, who will give you peer-to-peer advice.

Don’t forget to return the favor, sharing knowledge and advice benefits everybody in that circle.

9. Take care of your body

Start exercising at home and then you can decide whether that is enough for you or go to a gym. You can download a ton of fitness apps on your mobile and start with 10 – 15 minutes exercises. Ride a bike on the way to work, go hiking on the weekends or go for a walk. Do some breaks while working.

Park further away. Take the stairs. Dance in your kitchen. Play tag with your kids at the park.

Exercising boost certain brain chemicals which leaves you feeling happier and more relaxed than before You will have more energy, improved strength and will empower you to accomplish your goals in other areas.

10. Involve in creative activities

Start any kind of creative activity, whether it is indoor or outdoor. All it matter is the adrenaline rush throughout your blood. That will keep your brain up and active.

Creativity can be useful in other parts of your everyday life and tasks and can show you different ways on how to approach things.

11. Set goals, milestones and deadlines

You need to always establish a milestone and deadlines for every task or work. It will help you achieve your goals faster and get you out of your comfort zone.

With this, you can improve your time management and become more and more productive over time.

Your goals are long-term values, and you should set them in the beginning and work towards them.

12. Be confident

By increasing your skills, taking care of your body and completing most of your milestones, you can become a confident person. With every accomplished task and step you make, your confidence grows bigger, which will help to get more experience and bring better decisions.

13. Take risks

You can start by taking small risks. Being in a comfort zone is the main killer of your self-progress. By taking small risks in investing some funds or starting, a small business aside you can move the needle of your current position. The challenges you are going to face will pump up fresh excitement in your mind.

14. Accept failures

You need to learn from failures and get to know how to accept them. Learning from previous mistakes can make you much stronger.

You should accept failure in a healthy way and move forward – Life is moving on!

Celebrate the little wins and develop a level of tolerance and patience when something isn’t going as it should.

In most life situations, it is very likely that things will not work as planned. This is called reality. Rather than aiming for perfection, we evaluate and implement lessons from missed opportunities toward accomplishing the goals of the cycle.

15. Take a break

Lastly, taking regular breaks is equally important as all of the things in the list – together.

[blockquote align=”none”] Work hard – play hard – REST hard! [/blockquote]

A short vacation will clear your mind and keep you on the game of life. Taking a good sleep is crucial. If you can’t do that, at the begging start with a power nap, which can be of great help.


Furthermore, if you follow the advice, you will start investing in yourself, which will be equaled as a million-dollar investment. Eventually, in the beginning, nothing was there, our body and minds are the sharpest tools ever – so use them wisely.

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