PDF File Not Opening On iPhone? Potential Fixes

pdf file not opening on iphone

Keeping in touch with the world is easy with your iPhone.

It is a go-to device for everything; from checking your email, and browsing the internet to reading books and articles.

Even signing important PDF documents has become more accessible with the latest Apple devices.

In recent years, Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) has become a preferred method of sharing online documents.

In fact, PDFs are the most used document format today. They can be shared quickly and securely, and they can also be read on a variety of devices.

But what can you do if your iPhone won’t open PDF files?

This blog post will discuss the possible fixes that can help you open PDFs on your iPhone so you can continue filling them out with ease.

Possible Reasons

Here is a list of the most common reasons why your PDF file is not opening on your iPhone:

1. Encrypted files

One of the most frustrating things that can happen while trying to fill out a fillable PDF on your iPhone is realizing that you can’t open the file.

This usually happens when the file is password protected or encrypted.

While it’s possible to open pdf files that are password-protected, on your phone, encrypted files must be opened on a computer.

For more information about how the file is protected, right-click the file and select “Properties.”

2. Corrupt File

If the PDF file you are trying to open is a corrupt file or damaged, you won’t be able to read it.

3. iPhone Is Not Up to Date

iOS keeps sending updates to fix bugs or glitches in the system and ensure a smooth run for the users. Make sure that the latest iOS version is installed device for the PDF file to be able to open.

4. The email App Is Outdated

Likewise, if your email app isn’t updated, PDF files might not open.

Potential Fixes

Here is a list of the potential options on how to fix your PDF issues. Follow most of the steps below:

1. Open your Mail from Browser

If your PDF email attachment is not opening from your app, try opening your email via a desktop browser.

Launch the website for your email and try opening your received PDF file from there. There might be a glitch with your app; therefore using a desktop browser can be a good temporary solution.

2. Resend the File

The file you received may be corrupted or bugged.

Try asking the sender to send the PDF file again; it might resolve the issue.

3. Apple Books

Tap on the ‘Share Button’ to copy your PDF file from your email app to Apple Books 

Next, go to the Apple Books app menu and look in the library for your file. From here, your iPhone may launch the PDF file. If it works, it means the glitch was in your email app, not in your PDF file.

4. Restart your App

Shut down your email app and relaunch it.

Your app might work properly again after restarting, allowing you to open your PDF file.

5. Restart your iPhone

If your iPhone is causing the issue, then restarting it may help you.

Press and hold the side buttons on your iPhone, wait for 30 sec. until the Apple logo shows up, and turn it on again.

Try to open the PDF attachment link again.

6. Keep your Apps Up to Date

Ensure that your email app and OS are updated and there are no pending updates in the system.

Your PDF file may not work if you are using an older version of iOS, that doesn’t support opening PDF attachments.

7. Third-Party Apps

Some third-party apps in your iPhone might act as your default PDF reader, so you won’t be able to open your PDF file. If you have such pdf viewer apps, you need to get rid of them.

8. Refresh Apple Books

Refresh the Apple Books content if you need help viewing your PDFs.

Open Apple Books and go to My Books, then wait until they are loaded before checking whether or not this helps with viewing those pesky documents.

9. Internet Connectivity

Not having a stable internet connection can prevent your email client from opening PDF documents on your iPhone.

In general, emails or file-based communications on a computer system usually do not have this problem (though it can happen when bandwidth is low), but apps can become unavailable when there isn’t enough data available.

10. Install Adobe Reader App

Last but not least is installing Adobe Acrobat Reader for iPhone.

The Adobe Acrobat reader app is an authorized app that allows users to open PDF files on their iPhones easily. Other PDF viewer apps might not be able to get the job done smoothly.

  • Go to the App store and download and install Adobe reader
  • Tap on “Files”
  • Find the PDF files on your iPhone, and tap on the ones you want to read

In addition to viewing the files, users can also add comments, sign forms, add bookmarks and send the files to other users.

Final Thoughts

Opening PDF files on an iPhone are not rocket science, however, they may not open for a variety of reasons.

But the good news is that most of the issues can be fixed.

After identifying the cause, you need to follow the potential fix.

Also, a professional can always help you open the PDF file on your iPhone if you cannot open it on your own.

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