Has Technology Made Our Life Easier or More Complicated

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Technology has undoubtedly changed the world. Some people say that technology has complicated our lifestyle, but in most cases, it has been beneficial in terms of making life convenient. So obviously, the advantages of technology are more than the disadvantages.

Firstly, it has made human life very easy, especially related to connecting with friends and their loved ones and sharing content and info around the world easily. The first thing you do when you want to get information about something is googling it.

Secondly, it is evident that using advanced technology in the medical field has a positive impact on making people have a healthy and comfortable life.

Algorithms can help doctors assess patients and their health risks, while surgery simulators use machine intelligence in training medical professionals.

Third, it has made most of the areas easier, more effective and available because of the use of the internet.

The general areas where technology has improved our quality of life are:

Technology is improving our quality of life

Siri, Alexa or Cortana enable all of us to have digital assistants if we want them, while Google Maps does our navigating for us. Artificial intelligence is widely employed by financial institutions to organize, manage and even prevent fraud uses and stealing personal data.

Search engines have become our everyday source of instant information. Because people rely too much on search engines, their algorithms are programmed to give people the most relevant answers.

Many smartphone apps help in our everyday obligations, like finance, medical, lifestyle and similar areas, significantly speeding up the processes that many years ago would need more time to accomplish.

Better communication

Decades ago, the way of transferring a message was long and the wait was for days and even, in some cases, for months. The ability to communicate has mostly improved with the rise of the internet and smartphones.

Now, all it takes is a few clicks and seconds of our fingers on the smartphones to send out a mail, message and start chatting with someone you know. We only need an internet connection, Wi-Fi or 4G and an app like FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram to chat, make video calls or audio calls.

Still, nowadays people use the internet to not only keep in touch with their family, colleagues, friends, or connect with brands over social media platforms but also to get information or read news from around the world easily. Therefore, it is true that modern age technology has made it possible to connect with the world easily.

Pieces of technology, like e-mail, social media, chats, project management tools and other means of communication increased our productivity, making the distance and time zones irrelevant.

Technology has made advertising easier and more effective

Technology has not left a single aspect of our lives untouched. With the usage of smartphones and the internet, we are easily exposed to digital advertisements.

Nowadays, owing to the rise of digital technology, online marketing and connected devices, advertising has become a lot easier and comfortable, especially for smaller businesses and startups. It has also become measurable, more cost-effective and available, spreading the message 24/7.

We can easily promote our business online to billions of people worldwide or search for products and services at the click of a button or swipe of a finger. Technology has enhanced the creativity of how businesses advertise today.

Some examples of advertising platforms that are available for every business are Facebook Ads Manager, Google Marketing Platform (Google Ads), LinkedIn, etc.

Amazing changes in the travel industry

Could you imagine going on a trip without Google Maps or similar apps?

Technology has impacted the travel industry in a huge way. There are Google Maps, Google Earth, Navigon and dozens of similar apps which the user can operate and use as per their convenience.

Moreover, technology has changed business models in the travel sector, such as car rentals and taxi services. For example, Uber’s model made taxi and transportation services more accessible and easier for everyone.

It is predicted that there will be more upcoming changes in the transportation and travel sector on major levels.

Technology has made learning easier and efficient

With the rise of informal education and skills requirements, people had to get more tech-savvy and learn how to search for necessary information on the internet.

Online learning has also become more accessible. You only need a Google or Facebook account, willingness and free time. There are many websites with free courses that can teach you valuable skills required for modern-day jobs.

Owing to this, learning and grabbing new information regarding any subject or industry has become way easier for students, which is good for everyone who is curious and ambitious.

Role of technology in data storing

Many years ago retrieving data was a very tough process to deal with as people had to scour various physical files and specifically hand-pick the file by narrowing it down.

Nowadays, all you need to do is save files on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, and it is accessible from anywhere on the internet.

Whenever you need it, you can search for the specific file and within seconds it will be in your hands. Not just it is time-saving, but it also has made information flow significantly easier.


Today, no one can think to spend a life without tech, and whether we accept it or not, technology has become the basic need of our world and we are so dependent on it.

If we want to survive in the long run, we all need to stay connected with modern technology and make new steps each and every day.

The fact is that it moves our society forward even though sometimes we do not feel that way.

However, technology has been rising at a very rapid pace so we should be careful how we use it and embrace it because sometimes it can have a dangerous impact on our everyday lives.

So, the right technology in the right hands makes life easier.

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