What to Do Without Internet (13 Easy Things to Keep You Busy)

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Technology and the Internet handle everything we can’t figure out on our own, from fun activities to more complex ones.

There are 4.93 billion people who use the Internet worldwide, which is 63,2% of the global population.

Source: Broadband Search

Since our everyday lives are so dependent on the Internet, it is almost unthinkable to function without it.

However, a digital detox can be helpful periodically, and we shouldn’t practice it only when our laptop suddenly loses its wifi signal.

If you are taking a break from the Internet, or are for some reason forced to do so, in this blog post we will tell you what you can do with your time before you look for a public wi-fi hotspot.

1. Read a book

Do you have a favorite book? 

If your answer is no, then it is time to find one. If the answer is yes, then now is the perfect time to remind yourself why you enjoyed that book so much by rereading it.

Books can take us to magical places and dimensions, they help us expand our vocabulary, and they can even be used as conversation starters with others.

So, if your smart devices suddenly stop receiving wi-fi signals due to a problem with your internet service providerreading a paper book will provide you with many benefits beyond keeping you occupied during the difficult times without an internet connection.

2. Go for a walk

Most of the time, we stay in our houses staring at the glaring screens of our iPhone and Android devices and don’t even move. During the offline time, you can take a walk around the neighborhood, breathe in the fresh air, or even visit the local animal shelter.

Walking is also good for your overall health. Some studies have shown that only 30 minutes a day can significantly improve your physical health.

So, if you decide to spend some time on physical activity, then taking a 30-minute walk is a great way to get your body in shape.

3. Socialize in real-life

In the last decade, socialization has also undergone a severe digital transformation.

With the social media expansion, social relationships mainly take place on these platforms as many feel more comfortable maintaining existing connections and creating new ones through digital tools and electronic devices.

But socializing face to face and spending time with friends offline is vital for building strong and nurtured interpersonal relationships.

Friendships are:

  • Great emotional support
  • A source of fun
  • A way to feel happier and satisfied with ourselves

So, if you haven’t talked physically to a friend in a long period, now is the moment to call them and have a great time with them in person.

4. Hang out with your family

family gathering shouldn’t just be something you can do only when you lose wifi access, and all the fun apps go in offline mode.

At least take a few moments to give them a call to keep in touch.

Talking to your mom and dad or brother and sister provides stability, and comfort and gives a sense of protection. Happy feelings arise from family relationships, which positively influence a person’s mental health. 

Share funny or goofy memories from your childhood with your parents, share your work experience with them, or ask them for advice when you have a problem instead of googling for answers.

You will find that your family is the safest place you can be, and nurturing your relationships with those closest to you will contribute to your happiness.

5. Listen to music on MTV or VH1

When was the last time you listened to early 2000s hits or cult classics from the 80s and 90s?

In case you forgot, MTV and VH1 have all the classic music compositions from the past for you to dance to.

So if you are a big fan of music and can not imagine the day without a song in the background, not having access to a wi-fi network does not have to be an obstacle to listening to music.

Additionally, music has great benefits for our emotional state. Namely, pleasuring music can lead to feeling positive emotions and decreasing stress.

But if you are not a music fan, you can watch TV or some blockbuster movie.

6. Start painting

Taking a break from technology and the Internet can be fun with creative activities like painting.

Even if you have never tried to draw in your life, drawing can help you express your emotion through art.

Meanwhile, drawing is a relaxing activity for which you do not need to be a professional to arouse positive feelings and relieve stress.

If drawing with watercolors or tempera seems like too much clutter and effort, painting with wood crayons in a coloring book can help you get rid of the negative thoughts that go through your head but also keep you busy while you have no internet.

7. Take a long bath

Internet outage doesn’t have to happen for you to have a bath. 

But a long nurturing bath instead of a quick 10-minute shower is something we seldom afford often due to lack of time or occupation with Internet content.

Well, next time, instead of spending hours watching cat videos, reading tweets, and remote learning/ online learning, indulge in a long, relaxing bath.

Take time for yourself to relax and unwind from the daily content circulating on the Internet.

8. Take a nap

The endless content available on the Internet makes napping and even a healthy 8-hour sleep impossible.

It is very tempting to browse the Internet rather than go to sleep because the moments before we sleep are the only ones when we can relax in our room and watch social media content.

Therefore, temporary wi-fi disconnection is ideal when relaxing by taking a nap. In case you didn’t know, a 30-minute power nap is enough to recharge your batteries and get you back to work fresh and focused.

9. Play cards or monopoly

Playing board games is the next activity on our to-do list. 

People spent their free time playing games such as monopoly or cards before iPhones, and Android devices were developed.

You can play these offline games immediately without wasting time explaining the rules, which is excellent for socializing and fun. Most people aged 7-77 know how to play these games so you can start the game right away.

Playing Solitaire is one option for offline card games if you download the Solitaire Bliss Collection app. This allows you to play the card game virtually without requiring an internet connection. There are nearly thirty games to choose from on the app and you can use your time without the internet to learn how to play some classic games.

10. Start writing

Writing can be done on a piece of paper or electronically, but you don’t necessarily need an Internet connection to begin putting your ideas into words. 

If you have never written texts before, you can start with simple and short blog posts and gradually add more words and ideas.

Writing is another art that relaxes and relieves stress, and most importantly, it can be perfected with hard work and perseverance.

So, next time your Internet company fails to provide Internet, try writing instead of waiting for the Internet connection to be restored. Who knows, you may discover a hidden talent that will motivate you to focus on the career of an author who will write on various topics.

11. Sort your old clothes

Organizing old clothes is one of those activities that we postpone until we have more time or until it becomes a priority.

Instead of sorting out our old clothes, most of us would instead scroll through social media or Internet browsers. Of course, one activity is much more fun than the other.

Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to other aspects of your life, such as sorting old stuff. Utilize the time you do not have access to the Internet to fulfill long-delayed obligations.

12. Sort your old files

Having a laptop without Internet access doesn’t mean that you can no longer use the laptop. In fact, not having an internet connection is excellent when you need to sort some old files.

Having messy files can make it very difficult for you to work and cause you headaches whenever you have to search for an important document on your computer.

Name all files neatly and concisely, and arrange them in the correct folders. When you search for documents, this will help you find them quickly and easily.

13. Make a scrapbook

Keeping a scrapbook is a continuous process that you do not have to do only when the Internet is down. You can turn this activity into a hobby that can stimulate your creativity and motivate you to create something new and fun.

Making scrapbooks with your friends is a creative and engaging activity that brings back your childhood memories.

Over to you

The Internet is undoubtedly a fantastic tool that significantly eases our day-to-day lives.

Staying connected is incredibly important and necessary in today’s modern world, but it is not the only activity we can practice.

Online time can negatively affect our relationships with friends and family and make us fall behind on our obligations in the real world.

If you don’t think these 13 activities are enough, we have a list of plus 33 alternative activities you can try today to avoid using the Internet.

Worry not, though. There is still life without the Internet!

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